Child Custody Testing


The safety of minor children should always be of the utmost importance when determining child custody.  Whether it be divorce, the break-up of a relationship, the intervention of child and family services or various other factors the custody of minor children may be called in to question.  Typically parents or guardians are able to come to a custody arrangement with or without the intervention of the court system that works for their circumstances.  But there are instances when the capability of a parent or guardian may be called in to question due to past or present drug and/or alcohol use or abuse.

If a parent or guardian has a known or admitted history of drug or alcohol use or abuse that causes concern when determining custody, the court may require said parent to comply with a drug and alcohol test to ensure their sobriety prior to establishing custody.  The requirements of a court orders will vary based upon the severity of the individual situation.  However, hair drug testing is consistently requested, due to its long detection window.

A typical hair drug test can detect drug use for the past 90 days (less the most recent 2 weeks).  An ideal sample would be 1.5” (3.2cm) of head hair taken from the crown of the head.  If required, longer samples can be tested to go back further than 90 days, if the donor has adequate hair length.  Every 1.5” sample has the ability to detect 90 days of hair growth (based upon average hair growth patterns).  For example,  if a 3” sample is tested, drug use can be determined for the past 6 months.

Health Conservation Consultants provides hair drug testing services for individuals required to comply with court ordered hair drug testing for child custody.   We are also able to assist legal counsel who are drafting court orders requiring drug testing.

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