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How Should I Prepare for My Appointment?

For Drug & Alcohol Appointments:

Drink only your regular  amount of fluids.  Drinking excess fluids, may dilute your sample and cause excess testing times.

Abstain from alcohol for 24 hours prior to testing.

Abstain from illegal drugs.  Be prepared to provide copies of prescriptions to the MRO if prescription drugs are detected.

Bring government issued photo ID with you to your appointment.


For Audiometric or Custom Molded Ear Mold Appointments:

Please ensure your ears are clean prior to your appointment.  If necessary, have your doctor flush your ears for excess wax build-up.

Bring government issued photo ID with you to your appointment.

Where Are Your Locations?

Health Conservation Consultants is based in Edmonton, Alberta.  Our office location is at 15108 – 118 Ave.

Health Conservation Consultants has a network of service providers and contractors that are available to perform our services across Canada.  Our current network list is available.  If you have a specific service requirement that is not located on the network list, please contact us.  We are continually expanding our testing network to accommodate such requests.

Do You Accept Walk-In Appointments?

Due to the nature of Health Conservation Consultants’ business, we cannot accept walk-in appointments.  All appointments must be scheduled in advance.  We can often accommodate testing for the same day, but advance notice is appreciated.  Walk-in appointments will be asked to schedule a set appointment time in the event the facility is busy.  Preference will be given to emergency testing.

What is Considered Normal Business Hours?

Health Conservation Consultants’ regular business hours are considered to be 8am-4:30pm MST Monday through Friday.

Anything between the hours of 4:30pm – 8am MST on weekdays, all weekends and all Canadian statutory holidays are considered to be after hours.

Health Conservation Consultants will answer after hours calls in the case of an emergency.  After hours testing services are available 24/7/365.  A premium will be charged for this service.

Do I Need an Account to Book an Appointment?

The majority of Health Conservation Consultants’ corporate clients choose to set up an account with Health Conservation Consultants for the convenience of ongoing business.  However, a formal account is not required to utilize our services.

Services can booked and paid for at the time without an account being established.  This is most often used in private testing or one-time testing scenarios.  Full payment is required prior to the commencement of services.  Health Conservation Consultants currently accepts cash, debit and credit card payments.

Clients that choose to set up an account with Health Conservation Consultants will be billed for services on a semi-monthly basis.  Establishing an account protects clients from price increases and allows flexibility in matters of results storage and distribution.  An online application to set up an account is available.

How Do I Book an Appointment?

There are two options to book appointments with Health Conservation Consultants.  The first is to call our toll-free number at 1-877-920-8378.  The second is to book online using our appointment request forms.  There are separate appointment request for drug & alcohol testing, audiometric screening and custom hearing protection.



Drug & Alcohol Testing FAQ’s

How Long Can Drugs be Detected?

The answer to this question varies based upon the method of drug testing used.  The charts below give approximations.  Please note that body mass, history of use and other various factors can alter these times in individual cases.

Urine Drug Detection Time

Oral Fluid Drug Testing Detection Chart


Hair Drug Testing Detection Time Chart

Is it Possible to Test Positive if I Have Only Passively Inhaled Marijuana Smoke From Nearby Smokers?

No, the concentration cutoffs for THC/Marijuana have been set so that passive inhalation will not result in a positive test.

Why Was My Urine Sample Rejected?

There are a few reasons why an original urine sample may be rejected during your test.  Health Conservation Consultants’ duty is to ensure testing samples are valid and unadulterated.  The most common reason that sample is rejected is because it is dilute.  Generally this is because too many liquids have been consumed prior to testing.

Other reasons a sample may be rejected are because it does not fall into the testing parameters of a typical human sample.  Until all criteria has been met a sample will be rejected and a new sample will need to be provided.

What is the Difference Between Urine, Oral Fluid and Hair Testing?

Health Conservation Consultants offers 3 types of drug testing.  The main difference between them is their length of drug detection.

Oral fluid (Saliva) detects most drugs for 12-24 hours.

Urine detects most drugs for 3-5 days (marijuana is closer to 3 years).

Hair detects drugs for approximately 90 days on a 1.5″ sample of head hair.

The reason to choose a specific method of testing, would be determined upon the reason for testing.  For example, in a post-incident situation, the test that would make the most sense is an oral fluid one, not a hair test.  However, looking at an addict attempting to challenge child custody, a hair test would make more sense.



Audiometric Testing FAQ’s

How Do I Know if My Results are Abnormal?

If any of the numbers on your audiometric screen fall outside of the normal rage, your result would be considered abnormal.

In the frequency ranges of 0.5k, 1k and 2k, normal is considered anything below 25.

In the frequency ranges of 3k, 4k, 6k and 8k, normal is considered anything below 60.

What Should I do if My Results are Abnormal?

If the results of your audiometric screen are abnormal, or if you have undergone an abnormal shift since your last appointment, Health Conservation Consultants advises you to book a follow-up with your family doctor or audiologist to determine your next steps.

To protect your ears from further damage, also ensure you are wearing adequate hearing protection when exposed to noise.  Even recreational noise from cutting the lawn can be damaging over the long term.



Custom Hearing Protection FAQ’s

How Long Will My Custom Plugs Last?

Because our ears continue growing slowly over time, we recommend being re-fit every 5 years to ensure your product is sealing correctly and providing the right amount of sound reduction.

You will also want to get re-fitted if you experience a drastic weight loss or weight gain, as your plugs may not fit correctly.

How do Custom Earmolds Feel to Those Who Have Never Used Them Before?

It is very common for people to experience an adaptation period with their custom earmolds.  Please allow a 2-week break-in period of regular use to allow the ear cartilage to adjust to a snug fit.  We recommend using the ear lubricant provided with the order to help with proper insertion, and comfort.

It is normal for some people to experience slight sensitivity after long use for the first few wears, but this should lessen during the break-in period.  Should any discomfort or pressure points persist after the break-in period a modification may be required.  If you are experiencing pain or a fit issue, be sure to contact us and we can work with you to adjust your custom product accordingly.

How Long Will it Take to Receive My Plugs?

The average turn around time for custom molded earplugs from Health Conservation Consultants is 3 weeks from the time the impression is taken.  Express shipping options are available for an extra cost.  Express shipping allows for your plugs to be delivered around 1 week or so from the time the impression is taken.



Results FAQ’s

Who Has Access to My Results?

Results access will depend upon the reason for test and who books your test.

If your test was booked by and paid for by your employer or potential employer, your results will be provided to the company’s DER (designated employee representative).  The DER is often within the human resources department, but it does vary from company to company.  You could inquire to your employer specifically.

If your test is private, the results will only be provided to you, or anyone that your personally designate in writing.  Private results will not be provided to your employer or potential employer.

Failed test results are not reported to law enforcement, unless a subpoena is issued.



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