Private Drug Testing & Alcohol Testing

  • Are you curious to see what your drug test results would be, without going through your employer or doctor?


  • Do you need to prove to friends/family/etc. that you are drug free?


  • Are you a parent concerned that your child is using drugs and alcohol?


  • Are you a spouse, concerned that your significant other is using drugs?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then Health Conservation Consultants’ private drug and alcohol testing services may be what you need.

We offer private, confidential drug and alcohol testing services.  Private results will NOT be reported to your employer, family doctor or law enforcement.  Results will only be released to the donor (individual being tested and those whom they choose to share the information with)

Minors can be tested, so long as parental or legal guardian consent is provided.  However, samples will NEVER be taken if the donor is under duress.

A qualified technician will collect the sample to be tested.  Health Conservation Consultants does NOT accept samples that are not collected in one of our collection facilities.  An adequate chain of custody can not be completed in such situations.

This means:

  • Hair from a hair brush that is brought in will not be tested
  • A cup of urine collected outside of a certified collection facility will not be tested
  • Baggies of powder/suspected drugs will not be tested.  Health & Hearing Conservation Consultants only tests bodily samples for evidence of drug use, not the drugs themselves.

To view the full list of services visit our services page.  Any service listed can be be offered privately.

For more information on private drug testing and alcohol testing services contact us today.


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