Lunch and Learns


Health and Hearing Conservation Consultants is pleased to announce the launch of our Lunch & Learn Series.  Our experts provide informative sessions on the latest in occupational health and safety while you and your employees are treated to a delicious lunch.  Sessions are an open format, allowing for questions and answers on popular topics, or company specific inquiries.


How will Marijuana Legalization Affect Your Workplace?

An exploration of the proposed legalization of marijuana in Canada.  What will this mean for your staff and testing program?


Hearing Conservation & Noise Management

A customized plan laying out the elements required to run a successful noise management program.  Noise management is not just hearing tests!


Is Drug Testing Illegal?

A look at the legal restrictions and rights of employers in Canada.  Explore legislation, case law and best practises within a safety-sensitive work environment.


Maximizing Your ROI During the Hiring Process

Human resources and hiring play a pivotal role ensuring the right candidates are in the right positions.  Ensure you have the right candidates, who are qualified and capable.


To schedule a Lunch and Learn for your organization, please contacting us or filling out the form below.  All sessions are free of charge with no obligation.  Occupational health services offered by Health & Hearing Conservation will be presented if they are deemed to be a benefit to your organization.  Suggestions for future sessions are also welcome.

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