Audiometric Testing


Audiometric Testing is a hearing test used to determine the quality of hearing of an individual. In Alberta, if an employee works in an environment that exceeds 85dBs for 8 hours a day, the employer must provide adequate hearing protection, and conduct audiometric tests as part of a full hearing conservation program. This is outlined in Part 16 of the Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Code.

Audiometric testing is required to take place at the following intervals:

  • Within the first 6 months of hire.  Although, it is recommended at the time of pre-employment to calculate a true baseline.
  • 12 months after the baseline test
  • If results are normal, every 24 months after the 12 month periodic test; if results are abnormal, every 12 months after the 12 month period test
  • Exception: In extreme noise conditions, audiometric testing may be required every 6 months.


How Loud is Your Industry?

Carpenter 91 dBA Lex
Autobody Technician 90 dBA Lex
Equipment Operator 91 dBA Lex
Iron Worker 93 dBA Lex
Night Club Worker 91-115 dBA Lex
Tree Faller 102 dBA Lex
Truck Driver 86-98 dBA Lex
Millwright 86-92 dBA Lex
Welder 88-94 dBA Lex
Fitness Instructor 90-92 dBA Lex
Jackhammer Operator 97 dBA Lex
Drywaller 89 dBA Lex
Saw Operator 82-96 dBA Lex


Max Time Limit for Noise Exposure

85 dB 8 Hours
88 dB 4 Hours
91 dB 2 Hours
94 dB 1 Hour
97 dB 20 Minutes
100 dB 15 Minutes


Recommended Hearing Protection

Less than 90 dBA Class C – Grade 1
Less than 95 dBA Class B – Grade 2
Less than 100 dBA Class A – Grade 3
Less than 105 dBA Class A – Grade 4
Less than 110 dBA Earplugs + Earmuffs


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