Adjustable Filtered Earplugs

Class B – Adjustable Filtered Earplug
NRR: 25-closed & 21-open

Our most versatile custom earplugs allow you to choose more or less sound reduction to suit your changing environments.  The dual cord placement allows you to plug the cord into the top socket to receive 21 dB of sound reduction; this will enable you to hear speech frequencies through the acoustic filter while simultaneously protecting your hearing from damaging noise levels.  When you’re exposed to even higher noise levels that require additional protection, you can plug the removable cord into the vent (bottom socket) to receive additional sound reduction at 25 decibels.

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Recommended for:

Left Plug: Vent Open Right Plug: Vent Closed
Left: Vent Open                  Right: Vent Closed
  • Construction & Industrial Workers
  • Firearms Enthusiasts
  • Heavy Machinery Workers
  • Motorcyclists (Half Helmets)
  • Pile driver operators
  • Snowmobile Riders
  • Steel Workers
  • Equipment Operators
  • Noisy Night Clubs and Restaurants
  • Motorcyclists (Full-face and/or Communication Helmets)
  • Road Builders

$90.00 – Replacement Filters

All Health Conservation Consultants custom fit ear plugs have a 90-day FIT GUARANTEE!

Please Note: The finished product is NOT  available the same day the mold is taken.  Finished molds are typically available 2-3 weeks from the time of initial impression.

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