ER Musicians Earplugs

ER Musicians Earplugs
$230.00musicians earplugs

Musicians Earplugs are specially designed high fidelity earplugs that protect your hearing without compromising the clarity of music and speech. Sound quality is the same as you would hear it without earplugs, but with less volume. You can choose from three levels of sound reduction; ER-9, ER-15, and ER-25.  Music teachers or student musicians would be adequately protected with ER-15 filters, whereas rock performers using amplified instruments would be better suited to ER-25 filters.  With interchangeable buttons, you can purchase a second set of filters with a different sound reduction level for those who may require differing levels of sound reduction.

ER Musicians Plug Replacement FilterClick here for the attenuation data for these plugs.

Replacement Filters: $90.00/set

 ER 9ER 15ER 25Source of Harmful Sound
Small Strings25pxsalotexicon25pxsalotexiconOwn Instrument. Other Strings
Large Strings25pxsalotexicon25pxsalotexiconBrass
Woodwinds25pxsalotexiconBrass, Percussion
Brass25pxsalotexicon25pxsalotexiconOwn Instrument, Other Brass
Percussion25pxsalotexicon25pxsalotexiconOwn Instrument, Other Percussion
Vocalists25pxsalotexicon25pxsalotexiconOwn Voice, Speakers, Monitors
Acoustic Guitar25pxsalotexicon25pxsalotexiconDrums, Speakers, Monitors
Amplified Instruments25pxsalotexicon25pxsalotexiconSpeakers, Monitors
Marching Bands25pxsalotexiconMultiple Sources
Music Teachers25pxsalotexiconMultiple Sources
Recording Engineers25pxsalotexiconSpeakers, Monitors
Sound Crews25pxsalotexiconSpeakers, Monitors

All Health Conservation Consultants custom fit ear molds have a 90-day FIT GUARANTEE!

Please Note: The finished product is NOT  available the same day the mold is taken.  Finished molds are typically available 2-3 weeks from the time of initial impression.

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