HS Pro Musicians Earplugs

HS Pro Earplugs
$225.00ACS Pro Series Plugs

Used by professionals and amateurs alike, the HS PRO  hearing protection has numerous filter options available for reducing the sound level to exactly where you need it.  These specialty earplugs reduce the overall decibel level while maintaining the clarity of sound.  As one of the most natural sounding earplugs available, the HS PRO are a perfect solution for listening to or playing music.  With interchangeable buttons, you can purchase a second set of filters with a different sound reduction level for those who may require differing levels of sound reduction.

Click here for the attenuation data for these plugs.

ACS Pro Replacement FilterFilter Options: $90.00/set

Pro 12 | Pro 17 | Pro 19 | Pro 25



All Health Conservation Consultants custom fit ear molds have a 90-day FIT GUARANTEE!

Please Note: The finished product is NOT  available the same day the mold is taken.  Finished molds are typically available 2-3 weeks from the time of initial impression.

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