How to Put in & Take Out Custom Molds


A quick video showing you how to wear your custom earplugs and how to take out the custom plugs without damaging them or yourself.

Editor’s Note:  This script below is the content of the video above.  Grammatical errors are present.


“Alright, so I wanted to do a quick video to show you guys how to wear custom molds if you order them.  First of all, they should like kind of like this, yours might look a little different depending on your ear and whatever colours, swirl options that you have on there.  When you take a look at the back, you’re basically going to have a red dot on the right hand side, so you know that if it has a red dot it goes into your right ear.  So if you’re not quite sure, especially when you first get them out which one goes in which, always look for the red dot to go into your right ear.

On these particular ones I also have a removable plug or removeable cord that can pop right out.  It doesn’t do anything other than have a cord in there in case I wanted to put them around my neck or anything like that.  So in certain situations I can have them loose and I can put them in properly or if I wanted them to be corded, I can just pop the cord back in.  We also have options that have a permanent cord that don’t come out or you can get them without a cord whatsoever.  And on the filtered adjustable ones, there’s two holes and you basically switch back and forth as to which one you want.

So to put them in it’s going to be in some ways a little bit similar to doing the foam plugs where you want with your opposite hand, pull up on the upper part or your ear lobe.  And essentially when we put these in, we want to twist them into place and then just push.  And then you have a proper seal in them right now.  If you want to push it in just to make sure.  And you should feel the seal go in.  I’ll put the other one in here.  And when you put it in, you’re essentially just clicking it into place.  And I’ll just give a little push and once again you should feel the seal.

And the same thing when we’re taking them out.  Do not pull on the cord to take them out if you have a corded option. Cause what can happen is if the seal breaks, you can do some damage to your eardrum.  Essentially what you want to do is lift up your ear and you want to just twist them right out, facing forward.  And they come in and out like that.  Just twist them out and they’ll come right out without breaking the seal on those.”