Race Car Monitors

Race Car Monitors

The AudioFuse AFR-1 Race Monitors represent the latest in race team communications. These premier monitors are used by professional and recreational racers alike, and can be worn comfortably under any style of helmet. Using a soft medical grade silicone ensures the highest degree of comfort and provides a noise reduction of up to 26 dB. This allows for protection from the extreme noise levels on the track. Inside our custom monitors, micro-armature drivers reproduce pit crew communications with exceptional sound clarity. In the world of competitive racing, strategic communications are critical to success and winning on the track.

Recommended for:

  • Race Car Drivers
  • Motorcycle Racers
  • Stock Car Racers


All Health Conservation Consultants custom fit ear molds have a 90-day FIT GUARANTEE!

Please Note: The finished product is NOT  available the same day the mold is taken.  Finished molds are typically available 2-3 weeks from the time of initial impression.

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