User Guide & Care Instructions: Custom Molds


Custom ear molds from Health & Hearing Conservation Consultants are made for each individual for optimum hearing protection and/or comfort.  Your custom ear mold will be supplied with user instructions, lubricant and a carrying case for safe storage when not in use.

It is important to follow the supplied instructions, including applying lubrication to the molds prior to use, and allowing a 2 week ‘break-in’ period when first using a new set of plugs.


How to Insert

Your custom ear molds are identified as left or right for each ear.  The right mold is indicated by a red dot.  Think R for red, R for right!

Take the custom mold for the right ear and place the stem (the part that enters the ear canal) at the opening of the ear canal.

Tilt the top of the mold forward, then insert the stem into the ear canal.  Turn the mold back into an upright position with a twisting motion, inwards towards the ear canal.  Now seat the top of the mold under the fold of the ear.

If you have inserted the mold properly, it will fit comfortably and firmly in the ear.  Repeat the procedure for the left ear.


How to Remove

Lift the top of your ear using your opposite hand.  Start at the back of the ear and begin to twist the mold out of the ear, then pull straight out.  After removing your molds several times, you will probably develop your own technique.



It’s easy!  Just wash your molds regularly with mild hand soap and hot water, or wipe them with rubbing alcohol (rubbing alcohol method suggested for any molds containing electronics or filters – ensure no liquid gets inside the filter).  Rinse thoroughly and dry.  Do NOT use harsh detergents or cleaning compounds – they will deteriorate the silicone and cause premature wear and tear.  Store your molds in the carrying case provided and keep them clean and ready for use.