Workplace Custom Ear Molds

Not all plugs are created equal.  All of Health and Hearing Conservation Consultants’ custom ear plugs are designed for specific purposes and certain levels of decibel protection.  The following are the plugs that are recommended for the Industrial sector.  If you have additional questions as to which plug may be best for your workplace situation or industry, please contact us and speak with one of our experts.

Many workplaces offer custom ear plugs as an option to their employees.  If your company does not currently offer this service, provide them with our information and we would be happy to discuss the options with them.

Additionally, many benefits plans allow for custom ear molds to be purchased and reimbursed through a health spending account.  Please consult your individual policy prior to purchase.  Salotex does not direct bill and will not offer a refund if the plugs are not covered.

View Attenuation Data For These Plugs

Did you Know:  Hearing protection is legally required to be worn in workplaces where the decibel level is at or exceeds 85dB.

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