What to Expect – Breath Alcohol Testing


Donors who are scheduled for a breath alcohol screen can expect the following during their appointment:

As soon as you enter the testing facility, you will be required to provide government issued photo identification (Drivers License, Permanent ID Card, Passport, Military ID Card, etc.).  If you do not provide government issued photo identification, you will NOT be tested.

Once your identity has been confirmed, intake paperwork will need to be filled out and a release form signed.  If you choose not to complete any of this paperwork, testing will NOT be completed.

When the technician is satisfied that your paperwork has been accurately completed, you will be taken to the testing area.  You will be instructed to remove anything you may have in your mouth (gum, etc.)

You will then be asked to take a deep long breath into the disposable tube attached to the breathalyser.  Tubes are single user only.

If your initial test shows a reading over the acceptable cut-off limit, determined by your company (typically 0.04BAC), you will be required to re-test in 15 minutes to confirm the result.  You are not able to eat/drink, chew gum, or belch during this 15 minute wait period, as it may alter the results.  The confirmation reading, will be considered your official test result.AlcoSensor 4

Your results will be sent to the designated employee representative (DER) at your company.  The company will make the decision as to whether or not to share the results with you.

For private testing, the results will be sent to the individual(s) provided during the intake process.

Please note that your results will NOT be shared with anyone who does not have pre-authorized access.

Come to your appointment on time
Be prepared to show government issued photo identification

If you have any additional questions about breath alcohol testing, feel free to contact us.

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