Top 10 Reasons to Drug Test Your Workplace

Top 10 Reasons to Drug Test Your Workplace

1.  The knowledge that drug tests are used in the workplace prevent many employees from engaging in drug use during and after work.

2.  An impaired employee places the safety of those around them at risk. Bill C-45 places a burden upon employers to take reasonable steps to prevent bodily harm to employees under the criminal code. Substance abuse causes 35% of all workplace injuries and fatalities.

3.  Employee drug use drastically increases the chances of employee theft. 40% of employee thefts are by substance abusers.

4.  Prescription drug abuse is on the rise in all walks of life.

5.  Most worksites (ex. Suncor, Syncrude, Husky, etc.) require employees to have a passed (negative) drug screen prior to site entry.

6.  Drugs are an illegal substance. Regardless of personal feelings on drug use, the Canadian law does not allow for their use, or in the case of prescriptions – abuse.

7.  Employee drug use leads to decreased employee retention and attendance issues: sick days, late shifts, turnover, etc. 35% of all absences are caused by substance abusers within the workplace.

8.  Pre-Employment screening, weeds out ‘bottom of the barrel’ employees, those who cannot abstain from drug use even when they have knowledge of testing to attain employment.

9.  Not everyone does drugs. Despite the argument, “If I begin drug testing, I will lose all my employees.” many companies successfully drug test and maintain a full, qualified, sober workforce. Additionally, if you do not drug test, many of your job candidates will be the rejects who failed their drug screens at companies who do drug test. 8% of full time workers between the ages of 18-49 reported abusing alcohol and using illicit drugs.

10.  Drug testing can save you money!! The cost to drug screen is far less than the cost of employing drug abusers and addicts.


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