What to Expect – Urine Drug Testing

Donors who are scheduled for a urine drug screen can expect the following during their appointment:

As soon as you enter the testing facility, you will be required to provide government issued photo identification (Drivers License, Permanent ID Card, Passport, Military ID Card, etc.).  If you do not provide government issued photo identification, you will NOT be tested.

Once your identity has been confirmed, intake paperwork will need to be filled out and a release form signed.  If you choose not to complete any of this paperwork, testing will NOT be completed.

When the technician is satisfied that your paperwork has been accurately completed, you will be taken to the testing area.  You will be required to empty your pockets of all contents and remove your watch and belt, roll up your pants so that the technician can see the top of your socks and complete a self pat down. Lockers will be provided for the contents of your pockets and your watch and belt.  If you are wearing more than one layer of clothing, you will be required to remove all but one layer of clothing (not including undergarments) (this would include jacket, coveralls, etc.).

You will then be asked to select your sealed testing cup.

The technician will instruct you that you have 3 minutes to provide a minimum of 60ml of urine and that you are not to flush the toilet.  If you cannot meet this criteria, your test will not be considered valid.  You will be asked to sit in the waiting room and provide another sample when you are able.  You will have access to water, so long as your initial urine sample was not considered to be dilute.

Once you have provided a sample your technician will test the sample to make sure it falls within standard testing limits (not dilute, within temperature range, etc.)  If your sample does not fall within standard testing limits, you will be required to provide another sample.

When an adequate sample has been collected the tester will either:
Lab-Based Testing: Package the sample to send to the lab (in front of you) and complete the chain of custody.  Your signature will be required.urine cup

Express Testing: Perform a POCT drug screen to determine if drug metabolites are detected in     your urine, and if necessary, package the sample and send to the lab for confirmation testing.

Your sample should never be out of your sight until it has been sealed to be sent to the laboratory or the instant sample has been dumped and flushed in the toilet.

Your results will be sent to the designated employee representative (DER) at your company.  The company will make the decision as to whether or not to share the results with you.

For private testing, the results will be sent to the individual(s) provided during the intake process.

Please note that your results will NOT be shared with anyone who does not have pre-authorized access.  Positive results will not be provided to authorities, unless a subpoena is issued.

Come to your appointment on time

Be prepared to show government issued photo identification

Do not drink too many liquids prior to your appointment.  This will dilute your sample and require you to provide additional samples.  Average liquid consumption is recommended.  Your urine should not be clear, a light yellow colour is ideal.

If you have any additional questions about urine drug testing, feel free to contact us.


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