Fit-for-Work Assessments


Hiring the right employee is critical in creating a positive work environment and saving future costs.  Unfortunately, a workers resume and job history does not always provide an accurate picture as to whether they are capable of handling the physical demands of the job.  Workers Compensation (WCB) claims and the cost of hiring new employees because of turn-over are calculated guesses at best without completing a fit-for-work medical and physical on potential candidates.  Our pre-employment, fit-for-work assessments help take the guess work out of the hiring process allowing you to find the best candidates for the job.

At Health Conservation Consultants we know that one size does not fit all.  Our fit-for-work assessments are based upon the physical job demands of a candidates job.  If you do not have a physical job demands analysis (PDA) in place for the positions you are hiring, we are able to come out to your site/office and complete one then best customize a physical for the position.

We have listened to the demands of our clients and heavy industry in general.  Employers are not looking at the traditional assessment that has an applicant complete a series of push-ups and sit ups, for the obvious reason that these activities are not essential for the job.  (Not a bona fide occupational requirement to use the legal term.)  In additional, over the past few years alternate assessments have been created that look at every single bump, bruise or broken bone an applicant has ever had and either rule them out as a fit candidate or have them require extensive screening or rehab to proceed with the application process.  Neither of these two extremes ends up benefiting the employer or the job applicant.  Our Fit-for-Duty/Fit-for-Work screen goes beyond the basic push-ups and sit-ups and evaluates functional capacity.  We also screen applicants with a musculoskeletal assessment that is looking for injuries that are RELEVANT to the current position they are applying for.

This protocol allows employers to take every precaution to avoid hiring workers with pre-existing injuries and conditions that could negatively affect their job, health and performance.

If you would like more information about setting your company up with pre-employment Fit-for-Work testing based upon your physical job demands and requirements, contact us today.

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