What to Expect – Audiometric Screen / Hearing Test


The following is what an individual can expect during an audiometric screen/hearing test.

The client is asked to complete a questionnaire regarding noise exposure and hearing related health history.  If the testing is taking place on-site in a mobile testing unit, the worker would have been provided with a copy of this form prior to their mobile testing appointment.  If the worker forgets this form, or did not receive it, the technician will have additional copies available for them to complete prior to their test.

Once the technician has reviewed the paperwork to ensure it is complete, the client is seated inside a sound proof booth and is given headphones and a hand switch.  The technician then explains to them how the testing will be completed.  They will be given a headset and a hand switch and asked to press the hand switch every time they hear a tone come through the headset.

The testing process takes approximately 5-10 minutes.  The technician will let the worker know when the testing is complete and when they can come out from the audiometric booth.  The worker will be provided with a copy of their audiometric results on a wallet-sized card and will be notified if a follow-up with their family doctor or audiologist is recommended.

Audiometric Testing Card
Example Audio Results Card

A referral letter can be provided to the individual to take to their physician outlining their audiometric history.  The referral letter would be provided after the results have been processed through HCC’s results department.  A referral letter is not available immediately at the time of testing.  Please note that a referral letter is not required to visit a family physician in regards to hearing, however the audiometric history outlined on the letter is beneficial in determining a proper diagnosis.


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