Respiratory Lung Health

Considering that life starts and ends in breathing, it is essential that we learn to maintain good respiratory (lung) health. It all starts by making healthy choices:

  • Not Smoking
  • Daily ExerciseMSA Half Mask
  • Wearing Adequate Respirators (Masks) when exposed to substances such as asbestos and silica.

Much like noise exposure, lung heath protection should not just be adhered to on the worksite.  Your lungs can’t tell the difference between silica exposure on the worksite when you are required to wear a respirator or in your personal time.

WorkSafeBC has an excellent resource page for anyone exposed to asbestos.  It is not just in the workplace.  Those who are completing their own home renovations may also be exposed and take necessary precautions to prevent lung health issues in the future:

Asbestos Awareness

Please note that screening in and of itself does not prevent lung health issues, however regular screening is an invaluable tool in showing early signs of respiratory issues and is an effective monitoring tool for your overall lung health program.  Health Conservation Consultants offers the following services as part of a full respiratory lung health screening program:


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