Chest X-Rays


chest x-ray

For workers who are considered exposed (to silica, asbestos or coal dust) chest x-rays are a legislated requirement as part of a regular lung health monitoring program, alongside spirometry testing, air quality monitoring and mask fit testing.  Chest X-rays help detect lung abnormalities, which are either pre-existing or have developed during the worker’s course of employment.

Common health issues that can be identified through baseline and annual chest X-rays:

  • pulmonary disorders
  • cancer
  • cardiac disorders
  • tuberculosis

Our occupational health doctor reviews every chest x-ray to determine if the patients lungs are considered to be normal or abnormal.  In the event of an abnormal, every patient will be handled on a case by case basis.  An abnormal chest x-ray does not automatically disqualify someone from employment in a specific field.

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