Sound Mapping


Noise level measurements are the certain method for determining if the acoustic environment in a facility constitutes a hazard which can result in damage to hearing and possible compensation claims charged to the employer. Noise level measurements enable the employer to remedy the environment or to provide personal protection to the employees. Noise Levels are measured on an A or C scale for building acoustics and personnel safety. Occupational Health Regulations dictate noise level that are considered to be dangerous to worker’s hearing health. Permissible noise levels in the workplace are specific and may require to be measured and proven. Even where ambient noise levels do not constitute a defined hearing hazard, it is vital to know if workplace noise levels are affecting employee efficiencies and productivity.

It is useful to have a “noise-map” of an industrial site so that protection of workers’ hearing can be facilitated. Operator station should also be measured for noise level. For those occupations where noise exposure is intermittent it is useful to measure total exposure using an 8 hour dosimeter measurement. Noise level measurement must be done with approved and calibrated equipment. We can produce a noise-map of the workplace which will help safety supervisors and production managers develop appropriate techniques designed to comply with current safety requirements.